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Category: Jazz

Gil Scott Heron-I Think I'll Call It Morning

“… Why should I subscribe to this world’s madnessKnowing that I’ve got to live onYeah I think I’ll call it morningFrom now on …” So true!Be good to yourself!

Cymande – Dove

All-time classic, Be good to yourself!

Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time

It’s slowly thaat time of the year again …Be good to yourself!

Peter Franks Group – Alive

Elements EP by The Peter Franks Group Lovely EP.Be good to yourself!

4hero – I am the black gold of the sun (live)

so good, montreux 1998 …

Steve Kuhn – Time To Go

so good … released in 1971 on buddah records. What an amazing piece of vinyl! Be good to yourself! beep thom.


🙂 Be good to yourself! beep thom. ps: there is a nu zider in town!

Pascal von Wroblewsky – Swinging Pool

Now this is a record I seem to have forgotten about … came up in the recent fonia session … Enchanting voice! Pascal von Wroblewsky scats in this track from her “Swinging Pool” album, released in the mid80s, out on Amiga. Awesome time travel here (remember Bajazzo?) … Be good to yourself! beep thom.

Shabaka and the Ancestors – Natty

And now for some … jazz! Track called “Natty” by Shabaka and the Ancestors, released in 2016, out on Brownswood. Be good to yourself! beep thom.

Komeda Trio & Bernt Rosengren

Here some of the good stuff for the sunshine outside 🙂 Sweet jazz by Bernt Rosengren & the Komeda Trio, released in 1961 on a Jazz Jamboree sampler. Be good to yourself! beep thom.